Freshly graduated tips how to handle job searching

The transition from the academic life to professional life contains excitement on one end. But on the other end, it involves a lot of nervousness and challenges to get placed in a company as soon as possible. A professional degree can not only bag you a job. So it is quite important first to explore your choices, domain, interest and the field for making your career. 

Develop your resume first which is not so easy because a resume only opens a door for the job.  You can search for various job sites and also know about the openings and grow a network with employers as well. Prepare for an interview and also join some internship. Also, check out the job postings frequently. Update your CV daily in the morning. 

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Talk to experts for career counseling and they will motivate you in a positive direction. Be more focussed on the market research. As the competition for the job is expanding exponentially day by day so more efforts are required to grab a job opportunity. Job hunting is not easy as it takes a lot of time, efforts and resources as well. 

Search more and more about companies, employers and do not wait for a single job only. Reach out to your friends or professors. Be your own advocate and fight for the opportunity till the end. Be definitive about your goals. But the fresh graduates must create a career plan, understand the requirement of the company and must be apart from the crowd competition.

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Seek out the informational interviews. Try for jobs that help you to move in the right direction professionally. Create a LinkedIn profile as it will strengthen the network with the professionals. Also keep a proper balance in your life with the help of a healthy diet, enough sleep. Do things that maintain your energy level and a positive state of mind.

Also, work out on your problem-solving skills, analytical and communicational skills. Broaden your horizons and be true to yourself. Any false information mentioned in the CV may create problem in future and also can be a reason for rejection as well. Be positive while preparing a CV and interview as well. Appear in all interviews as they will contribute to removing hesitation.