Beat All the Logistics Hurdles with Trucking Cube

Beat All the Logistics Hurdles with Trucking Cube (containers)

Logistics is considered as the backbone of the Indian economy as it provides a cost-effective and continuous flow of goods. The industry acts as a supporting pillar for other commercial sectors in the country. The logistics and transportation industry in India is developing rapidly and brings together technology, infrastructure, and new vendors of truck transportation services. This combination defines whether the industry is capable to assist its clients to reduce the logistics cost and offer satisfactory services. 

Even after noticing a growth in recent years, there are challenges in the industry owing to which cost of logistics sector goes up, affecting the GDP of India. The major logistics hurdles include 

• Transshipment of goods
• Insufficient and improper warehousing and storage facilities
• Lack of well-maintained infrastructure
• Loss due to space wastage 

Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is an eminent packing and moving service provider in the industry that has decided to address all the above issues. Therefore, the Chairman of the company, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, has brought “Trucking Cube (container)” that promise to improve the customer experience to a great extent while reducing the logistics cost.
Trucking Cube (container): A New Way to Transport Goods
Trucking Cube (container) is an exclusive shipping container that is meant for the storage and transportation of the goods to and from the pick-up location. They made intermodal transportation through truck, train, and ship easier. 
Construction & Safety Features
The best thing about these shipping containers is that they are constructed in accordance with the safety standards set by the International Standard Organization. They promise the utmost protection of your belongings throughout the process. 
You’ll be impressed with the strength and durability of the cubes as there is no risk of damage due to adverse weather, fire, and pests. 
Moreover, each cube has a protective floor pad that saves the stored goods against bumps and jerks caused while moving through poor quality roads. The safety net and belts are also used for additional protection.
Diverse Sizes & Its Benefits
The Company has developed 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 20-feet cubes, which can be booked on the official website according to the total weight of your consignment. These different cube size options helped to resolve the issue of extra payments for unutilized trailer space. Your cost sheet is maintained by the professional based on the selected cube. Thus, you’re charged justifiably. 
The effectiveness of these differently sized containers is that if incorporated by other transporters, this can cover the loss of 19,000 crores that is incurred only due to space wastage. 
Transshipment-free Transportation Method
The main reason behind the launch of this exclusive concept is removing transshipment and reducing the transshipment losses in the industry. Are you wondering how would these containers help to eliminate transshipment? Well, the process is super-smooth and easy! When goods are to be transshipped then a crane is utilized to lift the whole container in one go. In such a manner, the cube is shifted to another flat-bed trailer. Since there is no involvement of manual loading and unloading of goods by the labor, there is no risk of breakage or any kind of damage. 
The same process is carried out when goods need to be moved via a different mode of transportation. In simple words, trucking cubes has redefined convenience in intermodal logistics. 
Air-Circulation System & Its Applications
The fact that fruits & vegetables, chemicals, and other pharma products are prone to rancidity, they have a tendency to lose their efficacy much before their actual date of expiry if not stored at pre-set temperature limits. 
The trucking cubes are all set with the air-circulation system to benefit the farm and pharmaceutical producers. It allows for air regulation inside the cube to keep the time and temperature-sensitive products in a consumable condition. 
A Miracle Concept “Virtual Warehousing”
The problems that occur due to unavailability of proper warehouses include freight robbery and goods damage. Now, here is a great solution to these issues i.e. Trucking Cubes- Virtual Warehouses. 
Just like a well-built warehouse ensures the security of your belongings, the trucking cubes also provide you with this assurance. Before shipping, this virtual warehouse is locked with your lock and keys are given to you so that you unlock it yourself at the final destination. You can avail the virtual warehousing facility at any location throughout the transportation. 
To give you a helping hand in the times when your final destination is not yet decided or you’re waiting for your new home to be built, the Company gives you a free-of-cost storage facility for up to 24 hours. Want to store goods in their safe custody for more than 24 hours? Simply pay nominal charges and be rest assured of the consignment safety. 
Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking of Freight
Unlike traditional way of tracking and monitoring the location of the vehicle (that carries your cargo), you have to make a number of phone calls to the customer care department that results in wastage of so much time as well as efforts. But, APML has addressed this issue too by including the new-age GPS trackers in all the shipping containers. Now, you can monitor your consignment while sitting on your couch by simply entering a dedicated GC number on the online tracking page of the website. 
The convenience of the tracking system is not only limited to this but also the backend team of the Company keep a close eye on the journey of the vehicle. The location information is refreshed every second so that the officials have all the updates for making necessary operational decisions. 
Additional Benefits of Trucking Cubes
Other than the above-discussed benefits, Trucking Cubes impart many more, including:
- Ease of simultaneous shipment of freight and four-wheeler 
The cost of booking separate vehicles for transporting your four-wheeler and freight can go beyond your moving budget. Therefore, it’s good to choose a smart way like trucking cube to avoid the unnecessary costs.  
When you opt to move with these shipping containers, both your freight and four-wheeler are loaded to a single flat-bed trailer instead of individual trailers. This way you get the delivery of your goods and vehicle at the same time in an ‘intact” condition. Say “bye” to individual trucking services. 
- The facility of part load at the cost-effective rates
Look no further than Trucking Cubes when you want to transfer your part load. You’ll highly praise the way how the company transports your part shipment. The packers and movers will load your trucking cube to a vehicle and ship it to the hub at the origin location. A forklift is used to transfer the cube from the hub to the flat-bed trailer. On reaching the hub at the destination location, your cube is forklifted on a truck for final delivery at your new place. This way the company considers your part load as a full load consignment and delivers it in a “pristine” state.
Safety Assurance in Surface Logistics
When you hire APML as your moving partner, you can rest assured of the safety of your belongings as they know well that your emotions are connected with your possessions and thus take care of each item with utmost care. The cubes are designed keeping in mind all the requirements of the clients so they don’t get any chance to complain about their goods transportation services. After all, their true achievement is their clientele.