Transportation Business Towards Growth With Trucking Cube

Trucking Cube (containers): Taking Transportation Business towards Growth
Logistics is one of the most integral basic industries for the growth of any economy as it involves the flow of goods from the production place to the consumption place. Other activities like warehousing, inventory management, supply chain management, material handling etc. are also involved. Let’s talk about the current situation of logistics and transportation business in India. 

Current Scenario of Indian Logistics Business
Logistics is the strength of the economy on which other commercial units depends. The industry is rapidly developing and is a combination of the latest technology, well-maintained infrastructure, and new vendors. Despite observing great growth in all sectors of the economy- industrial, commercial, and residential, the transportation companies in India are continuously trying to find a way out to the prevailing challenges. 
According to a study published in Global Biz Research, in India, approximately 60.2% of the goods are transported by trucks, 32.1% by railways and rest by airways, coastal shipping, inland waterways, and pipelines. In India, there are only 2% of well-developed roads and remaining is still worn out due to which vendors face many problems. 
Therefore, it’s important for the Government to improve the road quality so an improvement in truck transportation services can be seen. The overall development of infrastructure and logistics services will add to the country’s GDP.
Logistics Problems That Need to be Resolved 
Challenges are there in every industry and logistics is no exception. This article discusses the major problems that hamper the quality of transportation service providers and customer satisfaction. 
The process of transshipment is carried out to avoid late shipment of consignment in case of truck breakdown or change in transportation mode. Whenever the situation calls for the change of carrier due to any mechanical issue then goods are shifted from that defected truck to the other truck. This involves the transfer of goods manually with the help of labor. 
Also, transshipment takes place when goods need to be transported through a different mode of transportation; for instance- transfer of goods from truck to train or ship. This process increases the probability of loss of goods due to multiple handling during movement. 
Irrelevant Storage 
Foods products are commonly kept in a closed container with other chemically-made products and then shipped together. The hired trucks move along the country’s undeveloped highways for several hours through different temperatures before reaching the destination. By that time, the food products have spoiled or they acquire a bad flavor. 
The pharmaceutical companies also face the same problem. Considering the words of Arumugam Muruganandam, managing direction of Affigenix Biosolutions, the efficiency of Biopharma items goes down if they are exposed to temperature fluctuations and some smart solutions to overcome the supply chain problems will go a long way in India due to different weather and climate conditions. 
Shortage of Warehouses
Sometimes customers like to store their possessions with the vendor for a few days. In such cases, the vendor incurs the loss due to unavailability of proper warehouses. Moreover, if the company decides to store the consignment on the truck hired for transportation then that particular vehicle can’t be used for other bookings. So, there should be a solution to this issue.  
Wastage of Storage Space
Another problem in the industry is the space wastage due to which the cost of relocation goes up for the customers. Even the size of the consignment is smaller and it occupies minimal space in the truck, the customers have to pay for the entire truck. As per the facts, 71% of the area in the vehicles stays unutilized. There is 15% of unused area in the vehicles on average due to which the Indian Logistics industry suffers a loss of 19,000 crores. 
In order to overcome all the above challenges and improve the service quality, Mr.Ramesh Agarwal, APML’s Chairman has brought a permanent solution “Trucking Cube (container)”.  His aim behind introducing this unique concept is to reduce the transshipment losses in the industry and transport goods with zero transportation.    
Significant Characteristics of Trucking Cubes (containers)
A Trucking Cube (Container) is a closed box that is durable and spacious to house cargos of all sizes. Featuring strong metal construction, these cubes protect the goods against human threats and weather wrath.
Thanks to its special attributes and countless benefits that help to meet the moving requirements of homemakers, professionals, and manufacturers impeccably. They give an edge over open-body trucking services and provide you with an array of advantages that are listed below:
• Zero transshipment: Consignment transshipment is one of the key factors due to which the belongings get damaged during transit. The trucking cubes make a multipurpose option as the whole cube can be picked at once with the help of a crane and your goods remain locked and untouched inside the container. 
• Zero Pilferage: As ISO guidelines are kept in mind while designing these containers, they are resistant to bad weather and fire and are also pest-free to guarantee zero per cent damage to your valuable belongings. There is no way of water seepage in these boxes so you can transport your goods without any worries during rainy weather. 
•  Air-Circulation System: The containers are equipped with a practical air-circulation system to prevent the process of rancidity in food and pharma items. This a great feature for farm, retail, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors that produce temperature-sensitive goods.
• Safety Features: Your belongings remain intact in the portable storage boxes until they are delivered at your new location. The credit goes to the high-quality safety equipment, including safety net & belts, and shock-absorbing pad for cube’s floor. They are capable of preventing jerks and impacts that occur when the vehicle is suddenly stopped during movement.
• Part Load: Transportation of part load is now convenient and possible at economical prices with the help of trucking cubes. Your part load is taken by the company as a full load and kept in the protective trucking cube of the appropriate size. Consignments to be delivered at the same destination are transported in one vehicle, which reduces the cost of shipping. 
• Shipment of Goods and Car at Once: If you wish to transport your two-wheeler or four-wheeler and other household goods together, then it’s possible with trucking cubes. The company loads your HHG container along with your vehicle in a single carrier with the utmost safety and care.
• Virtual Warehouse: You get a facility of the virtual warehouse at your preferred location. The cubes are fully secured with your lock. Therefore, your goods remain untouched and unseen all the times. It doesn’t matter where your container is placed; there is no risk of any kind to your goods. 
• GPS Tracking: GPS trackers are another USP of these cubical containers. Each of them comes with GPS tracking system, which enables you to get the status of your consignment in real time. 
• Usage of Personal Lock: The customers are allowed to put their locks to secure their containers and hold the keys with them. This is a great provision as no one can touch your goods except you during transfer. 
• Free of Cost storage Facility for up to 24 hours: The firm provides you with 24-hour complimentary storage service from the date of consignment delivery at the destination in the same cube. This facility helps you in the times when you don’t have any vacant or ideal place to keep your cargo. Even it lets you store your belongings for the preferred amount of time at nominal charges. 
An Array of Sizes
The best feature of these cubes is that you can make a choice from an assortment of sizes that fits your consignment most appropriately. With these boxes, there is no requirement to pay for the full truck if you own a small-sized consignment and it occupies the lesser area on the flatbed carrier. You pay only for the occupied area and not for the unused space. 
The trucking cube size chart is provided below for your reference and ease of selection.. 
1. Cube Ace
a. Size: 4 x 8 x 6.5’ 
b. Capacity: 1.7 Mt
c. Volume: 208 Cft.
2. Cube Pick Up: 
a. Size: 6 x 8 x 7’
b. Capacity: 2.4 Mt
c. Volume: 336 Cft.
3. Cube 407
a. Size: 8 x 8 x 8’
b. Capacity: 3.0 Mt
c. Volume: 512 Cft.
4. Cube 709
a. Size: 12 x 8 x 8’
b. Capacity: 4.0 Mt
c. Volume: 768 Cft.
5. Cube 1109
a. Size: 16 x 8 x 8’
b. Capacity: 5.1 Mt
c. Volume: 1024 Cft.
6. 20’ ISO Container
a. Size: 20 x 8 x 8’
b. Capacity: 11 Mt
c. Volume: 1280 Cft.
Even though, if you’re not finding a way to make the right choice, you can get ask your vendor to help you get the right container. 
Final Words
To conclude, the innovation of trucking cube (container) is transforming the quality of transportation services. It not only allows you to relocate to any place with ease but also ensures all-time security of your goods. The best part is that you won’t have to make any additional payments when using trucking cubes. Other than household goods transportation services, they let you hire trucks for industrial goods transportation at the economical rates. Simply make them understand your moving needs to get the best-in-industry solution.