How social media reviews impact brand reputation

How social media reviews impact brand reputation
Social media reviews are the most important asset on the web since it has the power to increase and decrease the rate of success for a business. Social media is a very effective tool to stay with people in a network that facilitates the sharing of information in very little time. The online presence of people on the network helps them to share opinions, recommendations, and ideas easily. Brand reputation is maintained if the consumers trust the company and feel good about purchasing the company goods and services. Online reviews play a key role in making or breaking the brand reputation of the business. Reviews have the power to draw or drive away from the potential clients.

Brand reputation increases the customer's confidence in the product or brand. Brand reputation also contributes to grow the bottom-line of the business. Brand reputation is a way how consumers perceive the particular brand of the company. Technology has brought changes in the way how consumers think about the brand. If a business is not having a good brand reputation, then the risk of losing potential customers increases. There is no doubt the reputation of a business is dependent on the reviews of the consumers. Various things associated with the brand are branding, promotion, pricing, product development, public relations.

Brand reputation has become a priority for companies in today’s competitive world. Social media is the most efficient tool for making the business accessible, personable and focussed on the consumer. Brand reputation is a measure of how customers react to the brand. Review sites, social media, smartphones play an important role in brand reputation. Whether the product is good or bad, it will depend largely upon the customer's experience. These social media reviews emphasize various aspects of the brand. Customers just move to social media to know about people what they are talking about the brand after having its experience.
The social media platform is the most effective tool that has a unique way to provide genuine information about the brand to potential customers. Reading online reviews is a process of decision-making of purchase for potential customers. Before committing to a purchase people read customers reviews. Online reviews also confirm how much a business is loyal towards its consumers and how much their products are genuine. Reviews that are written online are trusted ones and online reviews act as performance metrics for a business.
Online reviews are a valuable marketing tool that helps businesses to engage with the fans. Online reviews are an opportunity to address the issues that someone has faced related to the brand and that can be fixed professionally later on. When consumers research about the brand then they rely upon the experience and words of others that help them in decision-making for purchase. Social media reviews give an excellent opportunity for a business to engage with customers. Hence, online reviews play a deciding role in determining the reputation of a business in the market.
Online reviews are a means to promote the experience of consumers on social media. For gaining an online reputation a business must not miss out the opportunity to give a response to online reviews. These online reviews not only help the business to attain goodwill but also overcome all challenges coming in the path of business in the long run. In the case of negative reviews, the attempt is made by the company to rectify the issue and to serve its consumers with effective services again. Positive reviews inspire to work with the brand for a long time in the future.  
Online review is a method to represent the brand online to consumers. These online reviews serve as a check for the business and indicate whether the business performance is going on the right track or not. Consumers take the service of the business that has positive reviews and they prefer to take positive reviews as social proof. Traffic on the website is the most important aspect for a company which is considered to increase ranking. So these online reviews help to generate more google traffic on the website.
Social media is the most important channel to deliver information to various people online. These social media platforms itself are the search engines and it is a way to hear customer's perspectives. Social media is a web-based platform that has made a rapid growth with the use of standard web technologies. Consumers demand for the convenient services that may be useful to them in the long run. To market a business social media
aims to increase brand awareness and social media keeps customers in touch through the medium of the online reviews.
Every brand is different and has different specifications and relevance in the market. The negative reviews of the brand need to be addressed quickly and personally. Online reviews are generally posted publicly and anyone can access them at any point in time. All the related concerns of consumers related to the product can be addressed by the online reviews. Online reviews are an effective tool to know about the level of interest of consumers in the purchased product. These online reviews influence sales to a large extent and determine the position of the businesses in the market.
Ways to Incorporate Social Media Reviews in Your Marketing Strategy
Consumers check reviews first before making a purchasing decision. Good and positive reviews is a win for the business. Positive reviews leverage the brand’s credibility exponentially. Through the marketing strategies, it can be determined how a business can fit into the market. These marketing strategies help a business to reach pre-defined goals. In order to sustain the business and to achieve maximum profit potential, social media reviews are a crucial element. There are several ways to incorporate social media reviews in marketing strategies and some of them are described below:
Stay on top of the online reviews, from whatever platform they may be :- Customers use the product and then rate it and the simplest way to give a review about a brand is the rating system. Monitoring the comments and reviews on social channels is quite important. This way a business can stay on top of the things. From the online reviews, it can also be checked that what the public thinks about the brand. There are various platforms and channels from which reviews can be seen.
Respond to negative reviews :- The status of all the reviews related to the brand must be tracked and responded accordingly. To give the response to the negative review, first, it must be clearly understood then it must be acknowledged. If it is a negative review then the root cause of the problem must be known and facts must be stated so a negative response must also be answered.
Post social media reviews on your social media accounts :- When there is a reply to the posted negative comment then it will show transparency. It will let the people to know about the brand that it is authentic. Various platforms are there nowadays on which social reviews can be posted. These reviews get easily viral on the social media accounts and thus opinions of different consumers can be easily known so that business progress can also be estimated.  
Benefits of Social media reviews :-
Spread good vibes :-  Consumers have the power to spread good vibes on various platforms and social channels. Social media reviews amplify the effect of positive feedback and saves marketing resources. From the performance of the review of a business can be easily analyzed and both positive & negative reviews leave some impression on the other consumers that help them in making some purchasing decisions.
Provides business insights :- Business insights help to gain the competitive advantage of the business. Social reviews help to clearly explain the context of a situation and communicate the problem to other members and provide the solution instantly. Companies that reveal the best insights tends toward success. Reviews on social media seek a better solution to a problem by properly analyzing business insights.
Expresses the brand’s personality :-    Responding to online reviews matters a lot since it indicates the company’s personality. If the gratitude for positive comments is expressed then the brand is considered as the appreciative one. Through negative reviews, a company can get a chance to improve their services. Generally, negative reviews are responded with a clearly stated reason.
Solidifies trust :-   If the brand has a wealth of positive feedback then something is suspicious as a brand will surely have some of the negative points as well. So these social reviews solidify the trust of consumers through positive or negative reviews. So consumers have the power to make the reputation of the brand in the market through positive or negative reviews.  
Improves search rankings :-    From different platforms, consumers can see different types of reviews and this inter connectivity helps in boosting the search ranking of the brand thereby helping a business to get a competitive advantage in the market among competitors. Thus, the improved search ranking will also contribute to increased sales and revenue. This gives website optimization and increase brand popularity over the web.